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At the core of our dental practice in Jeffersonville, IN, is a friendly team of professionals that are dedicated to your utmost comfort and optimal oral health. We view each little patient as a unique individual, and tailor each treatment to your child's specific needs. As part of our commitment to providing close, personalized attention to every patient, we want to encourage patient communication. Please know that we are here to provide outstanding patient care, and that we value the trust you have placed in us.

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Dental Assistant/Office Manager

Dena has been helping keep our patients’ smiles wide as a Dental Assistant and Office Manager for 6 years now! She grew up in Campbellsburg, Indiana with her two brothers and two sisters. She has two children, James and Mylan, and has been married to her loving husband, Harry for three years now. She is an absolute adrenaline junkie that loves to go on roller coasters, explore haunted houses, and she can’t wait to go skydiving! The Cheesecake Factory is Dena’s favorite restaurant where she can be seen with a large piece of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cheesecake. Dena is passionate about her job because of the feeling she gets when a patient leaves happy with their newly improved smile and she enjoys how clean the office is due to the lack of children (sorry James and Mylan). 


Dental Assistant

Gretchen has enjoyed a career of being a dental assistant for the past 25 years and we have been lucky enough to have her at our practice for the last two! She has been happily married for 35 years to her husband Michael and they have one daughter, Rachel, who has given them 3 beautiful grandchildren: Eli, Whylie and Isaiah. She is from Chestnut Ridge, New York so naturally her favorite food is a big slice of New York style pizza! Gretchen was inspired to become a dental assistant when she took a jewelry making class in high school. Her teachers commended her ability to work with minute details and suggested she pursue a career in the dental field. Gretchen loves her job because of her fascination with teeth and her ability to help improve patients’ quality of life. When Gretchen isn’t in the office, she can be found making exquisite artwork because her attention to small details doesn’t end with jewelry and teeth! 

Office Manager

Pam is the first bright smile you’ll see when you walk into our practice. She just recently joined our team in May of 2018 but it’s hard to imagine life without her! Pam grew up in New Albany, Indiana so she doesn’t have to stray too far from her roots to get to work in the morning. She has been married for 21 years to her wonderful husband, Walter. When Pam isn’t delighting us with her vibrant personality, she enjoys bird watching and book collecting, and she says she has the “Garfield gene” which causes her favorite food to be lasagna! She is also quite the philanthropist and loves to donate her time and talents to Open Door Youth Services to help provide a positive and caring atmosphere for underprivileged children in our community. In her 44-year career within dental offices, Pam is most passionate about her job because she loves connecting with multiple generations of the same family that receive care from our team. It warms her heart to see long-time patients. Be sure to schedule a cleaning every six months so you can catch up with Pam! 

Mary Ann
Dental Hygienist

Mary Ann has been the one giving our patients a professional cleaning for over 20 years! She is from Louisville and received her degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of Louisville, so she has been a Cards fan for most of her life. Mary Ann has been blessed with 2 amazing children, Tara and Tim, with her devoted husband, Terry. In her free time, Mary Ann loves to volunteer and sing in the choir at her church, St. James. She stays active through her love of jazzercise, biking, and hiking. Mary Ann is such a health-nut that her favorite food is all different kinds of vegetables!
Mary Ann found a passion to be a Dental Hygienist for her interest in teeth, the relationships she is able to make with her patients, and she says she can’t complain about the work schedule. She loves being able to clean a patient’s teeth and see the health return to their gums so if you need another reason for a cleaning than just good oral health, get one for Mary Ann’s happiness. 

Office Manager 

We have been lucky to have Jeanie at our practice for the past 54 years! She has been here managing the office for 27 years when Dr. Purlee was the owner of the practice and 27 years with Dr. Richard since he has taken over in 1991. At first, Jeanie wanted to become a nurse, however when Dr. Purlee called down to the Dean’s office at her high school looking for strong candidates for employees, they recommended Jeanie and she has been with us ever since.
She is married to her amazing husband Larry, and has two handsome grandsons, Luke and Drake. She loves to bake, create arts and crafts, read romance/mystery novels, and especially enjoys going on cruises in her spare time. Jeanie is most passionate about her career because of who she gets to work with each and every day. She loves conversing with patients and coworkers so much that she feels as if she’s spending time with extended family while she is at work. 

Dental Hygienist

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